Sirius Radio Schedule for Sunday from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM Eastern Time (edit).

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1 - SIRIUS Hits 1 Weekend Countdown Bobby Banana-Hammock  
5 - '50s on 5 << Norm N. Nite  
6 - '60s on 6 << Jim Kerr Party Marty  
7 - '70s on 7 << The Brady Brunch With Barry Williams JJ Walker Satellite Survey With Dave Hoeffel (replay)  
8 - '80s on 8 Mark Goodman   Alan Hunter  
9 - '90s on 9   Karen Carson  
11 - BBC Radio 1 The official Chart with Reggie Yates The 5:19 Show Surgery with Aled Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac  
13 - Elvis Radio << Doc Walker The Elvis Radio Vaults With Doc Walker (replay)   The Original Elvis Hour With George Klein Elvis Live In Concert With Doc Walker (replay)  
14 - Classic Vinyl << Dusty Street Carol Miller  
15 - Classic Rewind << Mark Goodman ???  
16 - Deep Tracks << Earle Bailey  
17 - Jam_ON << Stef Scamardo Buddy Cage  
18 - The Spectrum Demos  
19 - Boneyard << Rockin' Keith Roth The Rocker Robyn Lane  
20 - Octane << Kayla AD  
21 - Alt Nation << A.D.   Boombox Radio with DJ Liquid Todd (replay)  
22 - 1st Wave Dusty Street   Dark Wave  
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6:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
23 - Hair Nation << Long Paul Guitar Gods Long Paul Dangerous Darren   Sunset Strip Snack Dangerous Darren  
25 - Underground Garage The Kim Fowley Program (replay)   The Ko Melina Program (replay)  
26 - SIRIUS XM U << Jenny Christopher the Minister   Cosmic Commander's Sonic Reduction  
27 - Liquid Metal << Mario Jen Kajzer   Beyond the Pit  
28 - Faction Shannon Gunz   D.I.Y. Radio Joan Jett Music  
29 - The Loft << Meg Griffin's Disorder Your Roots Are Showing  
31 - Radio Margaritaville   Feats At Five (replay) The Buffett Buffet   The Savannah Daydreamin Radio Hour (replay)  
33 - The Bridge << Rick Allison  
36 - BPM << Danny Valentino Tim Bauman on B.P.M.  
37 -   Denny Terrio
38 - Area A State of Sundays Future Favorite A State of Trance Classics Subculture with John O' Callaghan Progressive Start Mix Mainstage with W&W A State of Sundays Guest Mix  
40 - Hip-Hop Nation << Wonder Twinz  
50 - The Heat << Tra Renee Amanda Diva  
51 - Heart & Soul << Mike Shannon Fonzi Thornton  
53 - Soul Town << Carol Ford Jeff Foxx  
60 - The Highway << Jim Kerr New Country Hot 30 (replay) Kim Ashley  
61 - Prime Country << Corey Duke Kevin Richards  
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
62 - The Roadhouse << Hairl Hensley Marty Mitchell  
63 - Outlaw Country << Hillbilly Jim Cowboy Jack Clement   Shooter Jennings  
65 - Bluegrass Junction << Ned Luberecki  
66 - The Message << Doug Hannah Tom Carter  
71 - Watercolors << DJ Eulis Cathey   The Gallery  
72 - Real Jazz James Browne Matt Abramovitz  
74 - BB King's Bluesville << Earl Times Neicy  
75 - Siriusly Sinatra Preston Trombly  
77 - On Broadway << Seths Big Fat Broadway Seth Rudetsky   Rodgers Rules with Michael Bourne  
78 - Metropolitan Opera Radio << Varying schedule Varying schedule Varying schedule  
79 - SIRIUS XM Pops << Iris West Steve Sullivan  
80 - Symphony Hall << John Silliman Dodge Loren Toolajian  
82 - << Jenny Landaverde Nelson Radhames  
83 - Caliente Johnny "El Picoso"  
86 - CBC Radio 3 << Craig Norris Podcast Grant Lawrence Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson  
87 - Bande a part Le Magazine with Alexandre Courteau   Électro with Tony Tremblay  
91 - ESPN Deportes << Gol a Gol en ESPN   El Ultimo Pase  
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
94 - Premiere Plus Écoute pas ça Allez, c'est le retour Par 4 chemins  
97 - Sports Express << Jabba DJ Gringo  
98 - Hardcore Sports Radio   Live Audio Wrestling  
100 - Howard 100 << Howard Stern Show (replay) >>
101 - Howard 101 << Master Tape Theatre Miserable Men   Howard 100 News Week in Review (replay)  
102 - SIRIUS XM Stars << Bill Bradley's American Voices Rabbi Wechsler Teaches (replay) Angels on Call with Marry O (replay) Real Estate Today (replay)  
104 - Raw Dog Comedy   Unmasked   Unmasked  
105 - Laugh USA   Le Show  
107 - True Hollywood Story True Hollywood Story E! News Weekend True Hollywood Story Answer Bitch Daily 10 Weekend E! News Weekend E! Entertainment Specials  
108 - Maxim Radio << Gun Talk Americas Car Show Spice Radio >>
109 - SIRIUS OutQ Sirius OutQ Hot 20 At Home With… Sunset Cruise  
110 - POTUS Politics   Fox News Sunday Beyond The Beltway ABC This Week  
112 - Martha Stewart Living Radio Everyday Food with Sandy Gluck The Visiting Hour with Dr. Brent Ridge Career Talk with Maggie Mistal Living with Technology EatDrink with Lucinda Scala Quinn Best of WHATEVER with Alexis & Jennifer  
114 - Doctor Radio Good Company Psyched! Ask Dr. Weil Writing From the Heart Meet the Planet Mystical Café Before You Bite Before You Bite  
115 - Radio Disney Ernie D   Susan Huber Aaron K  
116 - Kids Place Live   Big Kids Stuff  
118 - RadioClassics Life of Riley Sgt Preston Abbott and Costello Dragnet Phillip Marlowe Escape Charlie McCarthy Superman Burns and Allen The Lone Ranger My Favorite Husband Suspense Great Gildersleeve Gunsmoke   Jack Benny  
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
120 - ESPN Radio << NFL on ESPN Radio   GameNight  
121 - ESPN All Access << ESPNews Sports Center ESPNews   Sports Center  
122 - Sports Nation << Live Play-by-Play LSU Sunday Night Live Tennessee's The Nation  
123 - Mad Dog Radio   Mad Dog Radio Sports Weekend  
124 - SIRIUS NFL Radio NFL Rewind   Press Pass (replay)  
127 - Sporting News Radio << Sports Sunday with Bob Berger and Joe McDonnell Sporting News Radio Post-Game with Peter Brown   Jason Goch  
128 - SIRIUS NASCAR Radio << Live race coverage (time varies)   The Back Stretch  
129 - CNBC << CNBC World   The Wall Street Journal Report American Made CNBC World American Made High Net Worth  
130 - Bloomberg Radio The Corner Office BLOOMBERG On the Economy (Encore Presentation) BLOOMBERG Simply Put - (Encore Presentation) The Bloomberg Muse The Corner Office BLOOMBERG On the Economy (Encore Presentation) BLOOMBERG Simply Put - (Encore Presentation) The Bloomberg Muse  
131 - Fox News Channel FOX News Live Weekend The Big Story Weekend FOX News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace FOX Report Weekend War Stories w/ Oliver North The Lineup The Big Story Primetime/Special Programming War Stories w/ Oliver North  
133 - CNN Headline News << Headline News Weekend  
134 - NPR Now Car Talk Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Humankind Travel with Rick Steves Fresh Air Weekend Tech Nation From The Top Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired  
135 - NPR Talk Humankind On The Media Justice Talking Splendid Table Chef's Table Living on Earth Soundprint Jazz Profiles  
137 - CBC Radio One Cross Country Checkup The World This Weekend Dispatches And the Winner Is... (replay) Quirks And Quarks Tapestry Skylarking Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap  
140 - World Radio Network China Radio International Radio Budapest RTE Ireland Radio Romania International Radio Netherlands Voice of Russia Israel Radio / Earth & Sky Radio Australia Radio Guangdong / UN Radio China Radio International Radio Sweden Radio Prague / Earth & Sky KBS World Radio (Korea) Radio Polonia Radio Budapest  
141 - BBC World Service News Newshour The World Today The World Today The World Today World Business Review/The Instant Guide World Briefing/World Business Report The World Today The World Today The World Today World Briefing World Business Report/The Instant Guide  
143 - MoneyTalk The Larry Elder Show The John Batchelor Show  
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
144 - SIRIUS Patriot Sean Hannity (replay) The Bauer and Rose Show (replay)   Mark Levin (replay)  
145 - Fox News Talk Channel Beltway Boys Fox News Watch Fox News Sunday John Gibson Show Fox News Sunday Alan Colmes Show  
146 - SIRIUS Left << Thom Hartmann Ed Schultz Left Jab Stephanie Miller Mike Malloy (replay)  
147 - Road Dog Trucking A.T.B.S. Business and Beyond   The Truckin' Bozo (replay)  
160 - EWTN Global Catholic Network Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song Swear to God (Scott Hahn) The World Over (replay) Sunday Benediction EWTN Catholic Classic Sunday Night, Live with Fr. Benedict Groeschel St. Joseph Radio (replay) The Message in Music Top Of The Week The Rosary is a Place: with Fr. Benedict Groeschel & Simonetta The New Testament  
161 - FamilyNet Radio Victory in Jesus Way of the Master The Alternative Lifeword ACLJ This Week Winning Edge Weekend Magazine Answering the Call Leading the Way Words of Victory Winning Walk
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
Genres Music Entertainment Talk News Sports Foreign Custom
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