Here are the Top 40 most popular shows as determined by you, the viewer. The rank is based on the number of times a program appears on personal schedules.

1Lynn Samuels
2Howard Stern Show
3The Jason Ellis Show
4Weekend Countdown
5Varying schedule
7Pat St. John
11True Hollywood Story
13Kid Kelly
15Car Talk
17Fresh Air
18The World Today
19Mark Goodman
20Sports Center
21Bill Rock
22Carol Miller
23Talk of the Nation
24Bubba the Love Sponge
25Earle Bailey
26Party Marty
27Long Paul
28The Morning Mash Up
29Dangerous Darren
30The Buffett Buffet
31Mojo Nixon
32The Wrap-Up Show
33Dusty Street
34Kim Ashley
35Meg Griffin
36Amanda Diva
37Earl Times
39Human Numan
40Dave Mac
This list of top Sirius shows does not account for
the number of times a show is on during the week.
True Hollywood Story, for example, is on more than
60 times per week, so there are many oppurtunities
for it to be added to personal schedules.
1The Jason Ellis Show
2Lynn Samuels
3Countdown From 21
4Howard Stern Show
5Kid Kelly
6Weekend Countdown
7Saturday Night Safety Dance
11Riley Martin
13The Morning Mash Up
15Paul Oakenfold
16Bubba the Love Sponge
17Human Numan
19Radio Bam
20DJ Envy
21Party Out of Bounds with Fred Schneider
22New Country Hot 30
23Bobby Banana-Hammock and Fab
24Don Tandler
25Best of the Week
26The Big '80s Big 40 With Nina Blackwood
27Car Talk
28B.P.M. Countdown with Geronimo
29Mojo Nixon
30Cousin Brucie's Saturday Night Party
31DJ Ace
32Boombox Radio with DJ Liquid Todd
33Rude Jude and Lord Sear
34Streetsweeper Radio with DJ Kay Slay
36Spyder Harrison
37Air B.P.M.
38Rich Davis
39Amanda Diva
40Bobby Banana-Hammock
This list of top Sirius shows accounts for
the number of times a show is on during the week.
This list is in order by thr number of times a
show appears on a personal schedule divided by
the number of times the show is on each week.
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