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Top Ten Songs on Channel 43 Last Week:

1. Hip Hop HoorayNaughty By Nature
2. Rhymin & StealinBeastie Boys
2. Juice (Know The Ledge)Eric B. & Rakim
2. Boyz N The Hood (Remix)Eazy-E
2. I Need LoveLL Cool J
2. Paid In FullEric B. & Rakim
2. Let's Talk About SexSalt 'N Pepa
8. The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)Black Sheep
8. You're A CustomerEPMD
8. Let Me Clear My ThroatDJ Kool

Top Ten Artists on Channel 43 Last Week:

1. Run DMC
2. LL Cool J
3. Eric B. & Rakim
4. Public Enemy
5. Big Daddy Kane
5. Heavy D. and The Boyz
7. Beastie Boys
8. 2Pac
8. A Tribe Called Quest
8. Whodini

Programs scheduled on this channel:

Ladies First with Monie Love
Zulu Beats with Afrika Bambaataa
Zulubeats with Afrika Bambaataa

Weekly Schedule for Channel 43
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 43
Recent Songs on Channel 43

Weekly Top 40 Artists and Songs Chart for Channel 43

Daily Depth and Breadth:

Weekly Depth and Breadth:

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