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CBC Radio 3

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Top Ten Songs on Channel 86 Last Week:

1. Invitation to thCarl Maria von W
1. Country GardensPercy Grainger
1. Candide: OverturLeonard Bernstein
1. Orb and SceptreWilliam Walton
1. Casablanca: ExcerptsMax Steiner
1. Gold und Silber, Op.Franz Lehar
1. La campanellaNicolo Paganini
1. Country GardensPercy Grainger
2. Gold und Silber, Op.Franz Lehar
2. Twelfth Street RagEuday Bowman

Top Ten Artists on Channel 86 Last Week:

1. Johann Sebastian Bach
1. Peter Ilyich Tchai
2. Claude Debussy
2. Peter Ilyich Tchai
3. Claude Debussy
3. Johann Sebastian
4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mo
4. Ludwig van Beethov
5. John Williams
5. Ludwig van Beethove

Programs scheduled on this channel:

Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson
Craig Norris
Grant Lawrence
Lauren Burrows
Lisa Christiansen
Music Mix
Tariq Hussein

Weekly Schedule for Channel 86
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 86
Recent Songs on Channel 86

Weekly Top 40 Artists and Songs Chart for Channel 86

Daily Depth and Breadth:

Weekly Depth and Breadth:

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