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Channel 159-Weekly Schedule

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To edit the weekly schedule for a channel click the "Edit This Page" link at the bottom of the page. You can also edit a particular day's schedule by clicking the "edit" link at the right side of the page next to a day's name.

When editing a schedule make sure to format it properly. The easiest way to do this is to just edit the text of the existing entries. Each program has two lines of text the first is simply:


The second line is:

| starttime || endtime || show name || replay

All times should be formatted in 24 hour time, so 7:00 PM should be entered as "19:00". All times are Eastern time.

The replay field should be "Yes", "No", or left blank. If it is blank the schedule will not list the show as a replay.

Please be careful and responsible in the changes you make. Don't worry too much if you make a mistake in the formatting, someone else will come along to fix it. If someone vandalizes one of these schedules the changes can be rolled back to the last good version. 工控机 茅台酒 二锅头 防伪标签 热转印机 水晶像 奖杯 干洗 数码快印 硒鼓加粉 塑料颗粒机 防伪 防伪技术 高新技术企业认定 北京洗衣公司 服务器机柜 空气净化工程 国际速递 国际快递公司 国际快递 梯具 节能节电 冬令营 石材翻新 电器维修 北京公司注册 制冰机 电脑回收 代开发票 不干胶 机打发票 电缆桥架 电缆桥架 北京货架 航空货运 会议服务 小升初 梅兰日兰UPS 口语 Dell服务器 再生塑料颗粒机 灯光音响 二手电脑回收 热水器维修 环氧地坪 IBM服务器 工商注册 IBM服务器 北京航空货运 北京写字楼 动画制作



Start End Program Replay


Start End Program Replay


Start End Program Replay


Start End Program Replay


Start End Program Replay


Start End Program Replay


Start End Program Replay

After updating this page click here to update the schedule database for all of DogstarRadio.


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