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Channel Data

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This page will soon be used for channel descriptions and links throughout DogstarRadio. The cid value comes from the actual URL of the pages for each channel at This will be used to add some level of automation to schedule updates at DogstarRadio. The SIR Genre and SIR Name are the javascript variables passed to the Sirius Internet Radio player to stream that channel.

Other channel data, such as the name and genre will be retrieved from the Sirius radio that powers the Now Playing features at DogstarRadio and will be updated automatically.

ChannelFull cidSIR GenreSIR Name
1 SIRIUS Hits 1 Pop The sound of Generation Now! The songs at the top of the charts and the latest pop hits. [1] 1104779633133 pop siriushits1
2 Starlite Pop Lite hits from the '80s, '90s and today - with no rap or hard stuff. [2] 1104779633161 pop starlite
3 SIRIUS Love Pop Romantic ballads and soft pop music, featuring lyrics of love. [3] 1104779633237 pop siriuslove
4 Movin' Easy Pop Soft and easy favorites from the '60s, '70s and '80s. [4] 1104779633299 pop movineasy
5 SIRIUS Gold Pop Rock & roll's roots, from the late '50s and early '60s. [5] 1104779633341 pop siriusgold
6 '60s Vibrations Pop Relive the musical revolution of the '60s and early '70s. [6] 1104779633385 pop 60svibrations
7 Totally '70s Pop The most popular music from the '70s. [7] 1104779639558 pop totally70s
8 Big '80s Pop The defining hit music of the '80s. [8] 1104779639563 pop big80s
9 The Pulse Pop From pop to rock, this is the 90’s & Now. [9] 1104779639568 pop thepulse
10 E Street Radio Rock Bruce Springsteen 24/7 (Extended)
11 BBC Radio 1 Pop The best new music from the U.K. direct from London. [10] 1121444083985 pop bbcradio1
12 The Bridge Pop The softer side of classic and contemporary rock. [11] 1104779639572 pop thebridge
13 Elvis Radio Pop From the early years to his comeback, its all music from Elvis Presley. [12] 1104779639585 pop elvisradio
14 Classic Vinyl Rock The top tracks from classic rock's most formative years [13] 1104779639589 rock classicvinyl
15 Classic Rewind Rock Classic rock's 2nd generation, with songs from the late '70s onward. [14] 1104779639593 rock classicrewind
16 The Vault Rock Deeper cuts from classic rock legends. [15] 1104779639597 rock thevault
17 Jam_ON Rock Improvisational, eclectic rock music from today's best jam bands. [16] 1104779639603 rock jamon
18 The Spectrum Rock World-class rock from adult album alternative artists. [17] 1104779639624 rock thespectrum
19 Buzzsaw Rock Hard, heavy, stadium-shaking classic rock. [18] 1104779639628 rock buzzsaw
20 Octane Rock Pure, high-powered hard rock that's loud, uncensored and in your face. [19] 1104779639633 rock octane
21 Alt Nation Rock The latest alternative rock releases and the best alt-rock of the '90s. [20] 1104779639639 rock altnation
22 First Wave Rock Alternative rock's pioneering artists and sounds. [21] 1104779639665 rock firstwave
23 Hair Nation Rock Vintage rock from the big hair '80s. [22] 1104779639680 rock hairnation
24 Lithium Rock The best grunge and '90s alternative music [23] 1168958237997 rock 90salternative
25 Underground Garage Rock The coolest rock 'n' roll records. Channel produced by Little Steven. [24] 1104779639688 rock undergroundgarage
26 Left Of Center Rock The best in college, indie, alternative and underground rock. [25] 1104779639693 rock leftofcenter
27 Hard Attack Rock The heaviest metal on or off the planet, from the ones that created it, all the way to the ones that are perfecting it today. [26] 1104779639726 rock hardattack
28 Faction Rock Rock, punk, hip-hop and more, especially for action sports fans. [27] 1104779639753 rock faction
29 Punk Rock Anarchy! It's nothing but vintage and new punk rock music [28] 1173752928669 rock punk
30 The Coffee House Rock The Coffee House [29] 1126670694840 rock coffeehouse
31 Radio Margaritaville Rock Escape to Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville. [30] 1115038982667 rock radiomargaritaville
32 Grateful Dead Channel Rock Grateful Dead 24/7. [31] 1186052421061 rock gratefuldead
33 SIRIUS Disorder Rock Adventurous music for grownups, from a diversity of styles and eras. [32] 1104779639684 rock siriusdisorder
35 Chill Electronic/Dance Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of downtempo electronica and rock. [33] 1104779639934 electronicdance chill
36 The Beat Electronic/Dance Today's biggest dance hits and remixes. [34] 1104779639951 electronicdance thebeat
37 The Strobe Electronic/Dance The best songs and artists of the disco era. [35] 1104779639955 electronicdance thestrobe
38 Area 38 Electronic/Dance Trance and progressive house dance music [36] 1104779639929 electronicdance area38
39 Boombox Electronic/Dance Old school, nu-skool, drum 'n' bass, hip hop and mash-ups. The home of the breaks! [37] 1104779639921 electronicdance boombox
40 Hip-Hop Nation R & B/Hip-Hop Straight Hip Hop Hits 24/7 from around the Nation!!! [38] 1104779639862 hiphopranb hiphopnation
43 BackSpin R & B/Hip-Hop The pioneers of old skool rap and hip-hop. [39] 1104779639871 hiphopranb backspin
45 Shade 45 R & B/Hip-Hop Shade 45, the uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem and SIRIUS. [40] 1089394685786 hiphopranb shade45
50 Hot Jamz R & B/Hip-Hop Today's sizzling hip-hop and R&B hits. [41] 1104779639899 hiphopranb hotjamz
51 Heart & Soul R & B/Hip-Hop The biggest R&B hits from the '80s, '90s and today. [42] 1104779639904 hiphopranb heartandsoul
53 Soul Town R & B/Hip-Hop Classic soul and Motown music from the '60s, '70s and '80. [43] 1104779639912 hiphopranb soultown
60 New Country Country The biggest stars and the best of today's country music. [44] 1104779639829 country newcountry
61 Prime Country Country Country music superstars of yesterday and today [45] 1104779639832 country primecountry
62 The Roadhouse Country Classic country songs from legendary country artists. [46] 1104779639837 country theroadhouse
63 Outlaw Country Country The renegades, rebels, rabble rousers and rogues of country [47] 1104779639847 country outlawcountry
65 Bluegrass Country Handmade, heartfelt bluegrass music. [48] 1104779639853 country bluegrass
66 Spirit Pop The power and positive impact of Christian music. [49] 1104779639580 christian spirit
68 Praise R & B/Hip-Hop The uplifting sounds of today's gospel superstars. [50] 1104779639917 christian praise
71 Jazz Cafe Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl A sophisticated soundtrack of smooth jazz instrumentals and vocals. [51] 1104779639967 jazzandblues jazzcafe
72 Pure Jazz Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl The classic sounds and styles of the jazz masters, past and present. [52] 1104779639971 jazzandblues purejazz
73 Spa 73 Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl New Age [53] 1126670694858 jazzandblues spa73
74 SIRIUS Blues Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl The many shades of authentic blues music, past and present. [54] 1104779639762 jazzandblues siriusblues
75 Siriusly Sinatra Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl Standards 'n' Swing by the world’s greatest entertainers. [55] 1104779639979 standards siriuslysinatra
77 Broadway's Best Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl Round-the-clock musical entertainment from Broadway's past and present. [56] 1104779639983 standards broadwaysbest
78 Metropolitan Opera Radio Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl Thrilling live performances from the Met, plus gems from the company's broadcast archive. [57] 1158082416364 classical metropolitanopera
79 SIRIUS Pops Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl Popular classical music favorites. [58] 1104779639995 classical siriuspops
80 Symphony Hall Jzz/Stndrd/Clscl Classical music by the top symphonies and chamber music ensembles. [59] 1104779639987 classical symphonyhall
82 Universo Latino Latin/Internatl A vibrant blend of today's greatest Latin music and artists. [60] 1104779640000 latinworld universolatino
83 Rumbon Latin/Internatl A red-hot mix of the biggest hits of reggaeton, tropical, salsa and merengue music [61] 1132697117865 latinworld rumbon
84 Reggae Rhythms Rock Reggae music from its '60s roots to today's exciting sounds. [62] 1104779639766 rock reggaerhythms
85 Iceberg Radio Rock 100% adult alternative Canadian music for those who love rock mixed with an eclectic blend of music styles. [63] 1132697117877
86 CBC Radio 3 Rock The place to discover the best in new Canadian indie music first. [64] 1132697117891
87 bande a part Latin/Internatl A unique, cutting-edge perspective on the emerging French-language music scene. [65] 1132697117865
88 Rock Velours Rock Rock Velours is an AC format, playing the best French and English Canadian soft rock. [66] 1158082414511
89 Energie 2 Pop A broad CHR format, focusing on Pop Rock, Modern Rock and popular Urban music in the French and English language. [67] 1158082414517
90 Korean Channel/JBC-JoongAng Latin/Internatl The most popular Korean music, news, talk and variety programming. [68] 1122672398966
91 ESPN Deportes Sports The best in sports programming from the worldwide leader in sports. [69] 1130251908902
92 CNN En Espanol Latin/Internatl The most trusted name in news. [70] 1158082414525
94 Premiere Plus Latin/Internatl Thought provoking news covering current affairs at home and abroad. [71] 1132697117884
95 RCI Plus Latin/Internatl International talk French language. [72] 1158082414555
96 Sports Extra Sports Sports Radio French Language
97 Sports Express Sports Canadian Sports News
98 Hardcore Sports Radio Hardcore Sports Radio delivers hardcore fans the sports info they need, whenever they want it. [73] 1179170727946
100 Howard 100 Entertainment Howard Stern [74] 1178811105950 howardgenre howardstern100
101 Howard 101 Entertainment Howard Stern [75] 1178811105960 howardgenre howardstern101
102 SIRIUS Stars Entertainment Sirius Stars [76] 1126670695399 entertainment siriusstars
103 Blue Collar Comedy Entertainment Humor from Blue Collar Comedy Tour comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall, as well as workingman favorites from classic comedians you know and new stand-ups you'll want to. [77] 1139320919472 comedy bluecollarcomedy
104 Raw Dog Entertainment Comedy unleashed and uncensored. [78] 1104779630869 comedy rawdog
105 Laugh Break Family Comedy for the entire family. [79] 1104779630556 comedy laughbreak
106 The Foxxhole Entertainment Urban comedy, entertainment, and lifestyle presented by Jamie Foxx [80] 1168958237995 comedy thefoxxhole
107 E! Entertainment Radio Entertainment Your daily dose of entertainment industry news. [81] 1104779628845
108 MAXIM Radio Entertainment Girls, comedy, sports, music; MAXIM Radio is the best thing to happen to men since... women [82] 1104779630540 entertainment maximradio
109 SIRIUS OutQ Entertainment News, information, and entertainment for the Gay and Lesbian community. [83] 1104779631490 entertainment siriusoutq
110 Indie Talk News/Talk Speak for Yourself
111 Cosmo Radio Entertainment Advice on love, sex, and relationships; tips on beauty, fitness and fashion; the latest celebrity gossip; and the news you need to be the most informed girl at the water cooler. [84] 1138308146011 entertainment cosmopolitanradio
112 Martha Stewart Living Radio Family 24/7 advice and inspiration from Martha and her team of lifestyle experts. [85] 1115038982636 marthagenre marthastewartlivingradio
113 Specialty Special Occasion Programming and Sports Play-by-Play
114 Doctor Radio Family Powered by NYU Langone Medical Center
115 Radio Disney Family Music and information for kids and 'tweens [86] 1104779628714
116 Kids Stuff Pop Fun music, stories and more - just for kids! [87] 1104779639576 familyandkids kidsstuff
118 RadioClassics Family Classic shows from the Golden Age of Radio. [88] 1104779628769
119 Sports Play-by-Play 4 Sports Live play-by-play of the sports you love. [89] 1172266470730
120 ESPN Radio Sports The best in sports programming from the worldwide leader in sports. [90] 1102975192973
121 ESPN All Access Sports All ESPN, All the Time
122 Sports Play-by-Play 1 Sports Live play-by-play of the sports you love. [91] 1104779628646
123 SIRIUS Sports Action Sports Complete sports coverage and play-by-play action. [92] 1104779628652
124 SIRIUS NFL Radio Sports Nonstop NFL Talk [93] 1104779628676 siriusfootballradio siriusnflradio
125 Sports Play-by-Play 2 Sports Live play-by-play of the sports you love. [94] 1104779628701
126 Sports Play-by-Play 3 Sports Live play-by-play of the sports you love. [95] 1170985958643
127 NBA Radio on SIRIUS Sports Your 24-7 All Access Channel For Everything NBA [96] 1132697117021
128 SIRIUS NASCAR Radio Sports Your radio home for 24/7/365, unprecedented inside access to everything NASCAR. [97] 1158082423923
129 CNBC News/Talk The latest in business and financial news from around the world [98] 1102975192850
130 Bloomberg Radio News/Talk Up-to-the-minute coverage of the financial markets. [99] 1102975192854
131 Fox News Channel News/Talk We report, you decide. [100] 1139320905104
132 CNN News/Talk The most trusted name in news [101] 1102975192859 usnews cnn
133 CNN Headline News News/Talk Your need to know network. [102] 1134267995826
134 NPR Now News/Talk News, entertainment, and all of your NPR favorites. [103] 1102975192867
135 NPR Talk News/Talk The best call-in talk shows public radio has to offer. [104] 1102975192871
137 CBC Radio One News/Talk Canada's top rated radio news and information source [105] 1132697117903
138 Canada Weather Traffic&Weather News you can truly use: coast-to-coast weather forecasts & information. [106] 1158082414580
140 World Radio Network News/Talk An international tour of the news from broadcasters worldwide. [107] 1102975192966
141 BBC World News Service News/Talk The world's reference point. [108] 1102975192956
143 ABC News & Talk News/Talk News and information dedicated to keeping listeners informed. [109] 1104779630453
144 SIRIUS Patriot News/Talk Conservative talk radio. [110] 1104779630456 talk siriuspatriot
145 Fox News Talk Channel News/Talk You can hear the difference. [111] 1141939339096
146 SIRIUS Left News/Talk SIRIUS' liberal talk station. [112] 1104779630493 talk siriusleft
147 Road Dog Trucking Entertainment News and information for the commercial driver. [113] 1104779630449
148 New York Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
149 Boston/Philadelphia Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
150 Los Angeles Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
151 Chicago/St. Louis Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
152 Washington DC/Baltimore Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
153 Atlanta/Miami Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
154 Dallas/Houston Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
155 Detroit/Pittsburgh Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
156 San Francisco/Seattle Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
157 Phoenix/San Diego Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
158 Tampa/Orlando Traffic And Weather Traffic&Weather
159 The Catholic Channel Family The Catholic Channel [114] 1174328304717 religion thecatholicchannel
160 EWTN Global Catholic Network Family Live call-in talk shows, daily devotions & informative teaching series. [115] 1104779632120 religion ewtnglobal
161 Christian Talk Family Faith based, family-friendly programming from the official broadcast voice of the Southern Baptist Convention. [116] 1126670694862 religion christiantalk
184 SIRIUS Weather & Emergency Traffic&Weather The SIRIUS Emergency system is activated to bring you updated information that could be life-saving. [117] 1126670695731
198 Playboy Radio Entertainment Smart, sexy, sophisticated adult programming. [118] 1139320913759 entertainment playboyradio
SIR2 Super Shuffle Pop Super Shuffle [119] 1126670694494 pop supershuffle


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