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Classic Rewind

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Top Ten Songs on Channel 15 Last Week:

1. Small TownJohn Cougar Mellencamp
1. Love Walks InVan Halen
1. That's AllGenesis
1. CocaineEric Clapton
1. Burnin' For YouBlue Oyster Cult
1. Don't Do Me Like ThatTom Petty & The Heartb
1. Another One Bites the DustQueen
1. Bad to the BoneGeorge Thorogood
1. Synchronicity IIThe Police
1. Rock & Roll BandBoston

Top Ten Artists on Channel 15 Last Week:

1. Van Halen
1. Van Halen
1. Classic Rewind
1. Van Halen
2. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
2. Van Halen
2. Cars
2. The Police
2. Boston
3. The Police

Programs scheduled on this channel:

Jim Kerr
Mark Goodman
Meg Griffin

Weekly Schedule for Channel 15
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 15
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