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DogstarRadio was started to fill the massive gap in Sirius programming information. has schedules for some channels available on that particular channel's page, but no way to see what is on more than one channel at once.

DogstarRadio is the first, and only, site with listings showing what is on multiple channels at once. It is also the most comprehensive source of Sirius programming and schedule information anywhere.

The wiki allows anyone in the DogstarRadio community to write about each channel, show, and sports team that appears on Sirius radio. By sharing our knowledge we can all learn about the shows we listen to, and find new shows that will interest us.

For the wiki to be successful YOU need to be an active participant. Go to the page for a show you know something about and click the Edit this page link at the bottom. You do not even need to register to edit pages at this point.


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