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FACTION is an action sports-oriented music channel. The music tends to be aggressive Hard Rock, Hip Hop and Punk. The hosts tend to come from the action sports world, most commonly from skateboarding.

FACTION provides annual coverage of Winter X Games, Summer X Games, The Warped Tour and Icer Air. It also airs hourly "Faction Updates" which are news reports that most often deal with action sports and music.

Hosts on the channel include legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk - star of Jackass and Viva La Bam, Bam Margera - Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley - The Godmother of Punk, Joan Jett - skateboard pro, Jason Ellis.

Top Ten Songs on Channel 28 Last Week:

1. This Is The End (For You MAnti-Flag
1. Far BehindSocial Distortion
1. Are You BlindDrive A
1. One More TimeGoldfinger
1. Secret WeaponMxPx
1. Get It RightAuthority Zero
2. The Devil In StitchesBad Religion
2. The Kill30 Seconds To Mars
2. We Are The OneAnti-Flag
2. To Be LovedPapa Roach

Top Ten Artists on Channel 28 Last Week:

1. AFI
1. Rise Against
1. Rancid
1. Bad Religion
1. Metallica
2. System Of A Down
2. MxPx
2. Pennywise
2. Rise Against

Programs scheduled on this channel:

D.I.Y. Radio
Hawk and Bam Replay
Jeff Regan
Joan Jett
Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg
Radio Bam
Shannon Gunz
The Jason Ellis Show
The Moseley Method
Tony Hawk

Weekly Schedule for Channel 28
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 28
Recent Songs on Channel 28

Weekly Top 40 Artists and Songs Chart for Channel 28

Daily Depth and Breadth:

Weekly Depth and Breadth:


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