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Howard Stern Show

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Howard Allan Stern (born January 12, 1954) is an United States|American radio programming|radio and Television|TV personality, humorist and author. Stern currently hosts The Howard Stern Show four days a week on satellite radio.

The self-proclaimed "King of All Media" (the title was a joking reference to Michael Jackson's self-appelation "The King of Pop") has been dubbed a shock jock for his highly controversy|controversial use of scatology|scatological, sexual, and racial humor, and exploitation of his guests. However, Stern and many of his fans hate the term “Shock Jock.” Stern said himself, “The show is never about shocking people. We are about having fun.” Some of his commentaries are perceived by many to include bigoted, misanthrope|misanthropic and misogyny|misogynistic remarks about various religious and ethnic groups, women, and men - though one of his trademarks is that he makes fun of everyone equally, even himself. He is both the highest-paid radio personality in the United States and the most fined personality in radio broadcast history—facts that he seems to take pride in. In 2002, industry publication Talkers magazine named Stern the second-greatest radio talk show host of all time. [1]

He is most well known for his national radio show, which for many years was radio syndication|syndicated on FM broadcasting|FM radio stations (and a few AM broadcasting|AM stations) throughout the United States, until his last broadcast via terrestrial radio on December 16, 2005. After a brief hiatus, he began broadcasting via the Sirius Satellite Radio|Sirius subscription-based satellite radio service on January 9, 2006.

His national television shows include The Howard Stern Show on WWOR-TV, which ran in the early 1990s; Howard Stern, which ran from 1994-2005 on E!; and The Howard Stern Radio Show, which ran from 1998-2001 in syndication. The Howard Stern Show was a weekly skit-driven show that was produced in the Secaucus, NJ studios of WWOR-TV and shown in selected markets. The other shows were produced from video footage of his live radio broadcast.

Since November 18, 2005, Howard Stern on Demand has been available on television through the iN DEMAND video on demand service that various cable TV systems offer. Currently, this includes uncensored versions of shows which previously aired on E!; video from his Sirius show will be available starting in April 2006. OnDemand also includes movies (Ex. Supertwink), skits, bits, wack packer videos, behind the scenes videos, and anything else related to the show.


The Move to Satellite Radio

On October 6, 2004, Stern announced on his show that he signed a five-year, $500 million deal with the satellite radio service Sirius Satellite Radio|Sirius. The deal, which took effect on January 1, 2006, enabled Stern to broadcast his show without the content restrictions imposed by the FCC. Stern's move to satellite radio has been compared with Milton Berle's move to television in 1948 - both Stern and Berle are/were the leading radio personalities of their times (Related: Milton Berle was an occasional guest on the Howard Stern Show).

In addition, the Sirius deal gave Stern two channels of his own, "Howard 100" and "Howard 101." Both of these channels launched in October 2005. Although Stern himself was not able to broadcast on Sirius until his Infinity contract expired, he had been producing content to fill the otherwise dead air. Shows have included a live, 24-hour broadcast of Wack Pack member "Wendy the Retard," another 24-hour broadcast of "The Wack Pack|High Pitch Erik" which featured the weighing of his excrement, and auditions of other Wack Packers for their own permanent shows. A legitimate news team of award-winning journalists was put together to launch "Howard 100 News," a nightly broadcast of "all things Howard." Stern also announced fellow shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge would have his own nightly talk show starting in January on one of his stations. Howard himself is only heard four days a week, Monday through Thursday, live.

This move has been met with much controversy, as Stern talked about his move to Sirius on his show, even telling listeners how to purchase Sirius equipment and subscriptions. To promote this latest venture, Stern held a rally in New York City|New York where he gave out coupons for free or discounted Sirius equipment. His impending move to Sirius resulted in some radio stations censoring him every time he mentioned the words "Sirius" or "satellite radio". In one incident, Farid Suleman of Citadel Broadcasting Corporation|Citadel Broadcasting went so far as to have billed Stern $200,000 for the plugs he'd given Sirius on his show. Stern's response was, "Keep sending me bills. Like I'm going to pay 'em," which he publicly stated on his show. Stern and his colleagues, and even callers, began to "censor" themselves by saying "eh-ehhh-eh" instead of "Sirius" or "satellite radio."

On April 6, 2005, Stern pleaded on-air for Infinity Broadcasting to let him out of his contract, citing the reason of possible prosecution, per U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner Jr.'s recommendation. quoted Stern as saying about his current employer, "They're holding me to the contract and I'm afraid to break the contract, because I don't want to ever do anything illegal or wrong. I'm very, very clear on that. I'm a pretty honest guy. I try to live by the laws, but it seems like I'm being set up." [2] It must also be added that within Stern's contract with Viacom/Infinity, if he were to have been fired or his show cancelled, his employer would have had to pay out a twenty million dollar fee as a result of this early termination to him and his production company.

On June 22, 2005, it was announced that production of the Howard Stern television show on E! would be ending. The last new episode was taped on July 1 and aired on July 8. E! continued to rerun the show until December 31, 2005.

On October 25, 2005, Infinity Broadcasting (now CBS Radio) announced Stern's replacements on every station it owned that broadcasted Stern. These replacements include:

It was announced on November 7, 2005, that Infinity Broadcasting suspended Stern from going live on air on November 8 2005, because Stern was promoting his move to Sirius radio too much.

It was revealed in the December 12, 2005 issue of New York Magazine that XM Satellite Radio was prepared to offer Howard a $30 million dollar per-year contract in 2004. XM executives were slow to close the deal, giving Sirius the chance it needed.

When asked why he picked Sirius Satellite Radio|Sirius over the competitor, XM, Howard replied that he "always liked the underdog. Every radio station I ever went to was a toilet bowl." He has also stated that during very preliminary negotiations with XM, he found the management to be slow and unresponsive while Sirius was "nimble". Stern's budget with Sirius Satellite Radio|Sirius, including all operating costs, is $500 million for the 5 year contract.

Goodbye to terrestrial radio

Howard's last show on conventional AM/FM "terrestrial" radio was on December 16, 2005. The show was on the streets of New York below WFNY|K-Rock, simulcast live accompanied by video on the Internet through Yahoo!, with several thousand fans in attendance at the scene. The studio segment of the show ended with Stern and company each saying a final farewell, then leaving the studio for the street stage, with Stern being the last to leave. Many members of the show's "Wack Pack" gave speeches and Staind performed. Speeches were given by each member of the show: Gary, Artie, Fred, Robin, and finally Howard, who frequently referred to himself and his fans as "the last of a dying breed." During his speech, Stern thanked the NYPD and dedicated the show to Sgt. Keith Manning, a friend of the show currently serving in Iraq. He concluded with the fan favorite catchphrase "Fuck|F Jackie." Stern was then bussed to the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, where Martha Stewart (who also has her own Sirius talk channel) was on hand to induct Howard Stern into the Sirius family. Much of the show took place at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York where Sheryl Crow performed and mentioned on stage the debt America and musicians should pay towards Stern.

True to the last broadcast, much of Stern's final statements were bleeped/edited-out on the radio and even on the Yahoo internet broadcast. These statements largely pertained to Stern's animosity towards Clear Channel and the future at Sirius.

As a response to Stern leaving FM radio, many of the radio stations under ownership of CBS Radio, including K-Rock in New York, changed their format from music to a hot talk format. Select stations were rebranded "Free FM". Stern's flagship station changed its name from 92.3 K-Rock to WFNY-FM|92.3 Free FM. Stern himself was a harsh critic of the "Free FM" format in his last days on terrestrial radio, arguing that the name was a joke due to continued FCC and industry censorship.

Due to his former contract with Infinity Broadcasting, now CBS Radio, neither Stern nor anyone under contract from his show could be heard on Sirius before January 1, 2006. On January 1, 2006, Stern did a commercial free segment on his two stations Howard 100 and Howard 101 playing clips from his days as a child, to working at WTBU (Boston University college radio), WCCC, WWWW|W4, WWDC (FM)|WWDC, WFAN|WNBC, and WFNY-FM|WXRK. On January 3 and January 5, 2006, Stern and other members of his show conducted live test broadcasts, 70-minute and 130-minute respectively, in which he tested, live and on-air, various components of his new studio including audio levels, call-in functions, and studio ease-of-use. Various callers congratulated Stern on his new venture, although he reiterated that the broadcast was nothing more than a test designed to give users a sneak peek, and not an actual show. He made a point to reaffirm the first show, technically clean but completely uncensored, would take place on January 9, 2006.

There has been some controversy among his fans as to the poor availability of the Sirius signal in many buildings, where many of his fans listen from. As of this writing, Sirius has not begun streaming his show online (the company streams all of its music content and some select talk programming), however, they have indicated they will be doing so shortly.

Sirius Canada does not currently carry either of Stern's channels. Sirius Canada chose not to carry Stern because of the possibility of a future issue with the CRTC. Josef Radomski, a Canadian writer, announced on the January 11, 2006 show that he has started an online petition to bring Stern to Sirius Canada.

===The Sirius Show=== Image:Year of the Sirius Dog.jpg|right|thumb|300px|
2006: Year of the Sirius Dog

The Howard Stern Show debuted on Sirius, on January 9, 2006. The "Howard 100 Heartbeat" broke away to Also_sprach_Zarathustra_%28Strauss%29|Also Sprach Zarathustra tunefully performed with flatulence. Howard's theme music, "Great American Nightmare," played a few bars before George Takei introduced himself as the show's new announcer. Callers were soon invited to call into the show using their new toll-free line, 1-888-9-ASSHOLE.

During the show, Stern revealed that there were 180,000 Sirius receivers activated the day before his inaugural broadcast. He also revealed that he was not married, squashing rumors which appeared (and he happily fed) during his hiatus. One of his first radio acts on Sirius included the uncensored Pat O'Brien sex tapes and his uncensored version of parody songs using the sex tape.

On January 16, 2006 Stern began his The Howard Stern Show Revelations Game|Revelation Show where staff members of the show revealed dark secrets about themselves.

Howard announced the first revelation of I cheated on my Wife and she caught me. He asked the owner of that revelation to come in and Scott Salem|Scott the Engineer came in. Scott explained that it happened with his current wife about 12 years ago. Scott said that the girl, who he cheated with, kept calling and calling him. Scott, eventually, met up with her on one of his show road trips and had sex with her. The girl, angry that Scott did not leave his wife for her, sent his wife a tape of one of her phone conversations with Scott.

Howard admitted to having plastic surgery on his nose and chin a few days after the filming of Private Parts. Artie said that it was obvious and it looked very good. Robin criticized Howard saying “We already knew that. Big Deal.” Howard said he kept it private for so long because he thought plastic surgery was “very gay.”

other revelations from the show include:

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