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SIRIUS Disorder

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Top Ten Songs on Channel 24 Last Week:

1. Love YouTrent Summar & The New Row
1. Gotta Get AwayThe Offspring
1. Would?Alice in Chains
1. Gone AwayThe Offspring
1. The Thanksgiving SongAdam Sandler
1. Learn to FlyFoo Fighters
1. Learn to FlyFoo Fighters
1. Basket CaseGreen Day
1. I Stay AwayAlice in Chains
1. When I Come AroundGreen Day

Top Ten Artists on Channel 24 Last Week:

1. Bob Dylan
1. Stone Temple Pilots
1. Nine Inch Nails
1. Pearl Jam
1. Nirvana
2. Stone Temple Pilots
2. Nirvana
2. Nirvana
2. The Kennedys
3. Alice In Chains

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