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[[Category:Channels|Sirius Gold]]

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Top Ten Songs on Channel 5 Last Week:

1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen (1Neil Sedaka
1. Ruby Baby '63Dion
1. Runaway '61Del Shannon
1. The Lion Sleeps TonightThe Tokens
1. Memphis (1963)Lonnie Mack
1. Run to HimBobby Vee
1. Venus In Blue JeansJimmy Clanton
1. Happy Birthday, Sweet SixteenNeil Sedaka
1. Can't Help Falling in LoveElvis Presley
1. Summertime Blues '58Eddie Cochran

Top Ten Artists on Channel 5 Last Week:

1. Elvis Presley
1. Del Shannon
1. Elvis Presley
1. Lonnie Mack
1. The Platters
1. Sam Cooke
1. Fats Domino
2. Elvis Presley
2. Elvis Presley
2. Chuck Berry

Programs scheduled on this channel:

Bill Rock
Don Tandler
Doo Wop Gold
Norm N. Nite
Party Marty
Steve O'Brien

Weekly Schedule for Channel 5
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 5
Recent Songs on Channel 5

Weekly Top 40 Artists and Songs Chart for Channel 5

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Weekly Depth and Breadth: