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Soul Town

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Top Ten Songs on Channel 53 Last Week:

1. Where Is The LoveRoberta Flack & Donny Hat
1. TSOP (The Sound Of Phildelphia)MFSB
1. What You Won't Do For LoveBobby Caldwell
1. Brick HouseThe Commodores
1. It's A ShameSpinners
1. Day DreamingAretha Franklin
1. Love's ThemeLove Unlimited Orchestra
1. Nothing From NothingBilly Preston
1. Let's Do It AgainThe Staple Singers
1. Freddie's Dead (Theme from SCurtis Mayfield

Top Ten Artists on Channel 53 Last Week:

1. Stevie Wonder
1. Aretha Franklin
1. Aretha Franklin
1. James Brown
1. James Brown
2. Stevie Wonder
2. Aretha Franklin
2. Stevie Wonder
2. Aretha Franklin
2. Earth, Wind & Fire

Programs scheduled on this channel:

Carol Ford
Jeff Foxx
Ken "Spyder" Webb
Mike T.
Wanda Ramos

Weekly Schedule for Channel 53
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 53
Recent Songs on Channel 53

Weekly Top 40 Artists and Songs Chart for Channel 53

Daily Depth and Breadth:

Weekly Depth and Breadth:

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