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Talk of the Nation

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Talk of the Nation is a talk radio program based in the United States, produced by National Public Radio, and is broadcast nationally from 2 to 4 pm Eastern Time. Its focus is current events and controversial issues. From late 2001 until the present, the show has been hosted by Neal Conan and includes special guests from the fields which the day's topics come from. Past regular hosts have included Ray Suarez and Juan Williams. Each Friday Ira Flatow hosts Talk of the Nation - Science Friday with discussion topics from science, computing, and technology. The program invites listeners to pose questions for the guest host(s) by telephone or e-mail. The show began broadcast in 1996. 工控机 茅台酒 二锅头 防伪标签 热转印机 水晶像 奖杯 干洗 数码快印 硒鼓加粉 塑料颗粒机 防伪 防伪技术 高新技术企业认定 北京洗衣公司 服务器机柜 空气净化工程 国际速递 国际快递公司 国际快递 梯具 节能节电 冬令营 石材翻新 电器维修 北京公司注册 制冰机 电脑回收 代开发票 不干胶 机打发票 电缆桥架 电缆桥架 北京货架 航空货运 会议服务 小升初 梅兰日兰UPS 口语 Dell服务器 再生塑料颗粒机 灯光音响 二手电脑回收 热水器维修 环氧地坪 IBM服务器 工商注册 IBM服务器 北京航空货运 北京写字楼 动画制作


The show begins with a look ahead to the upcoming topics. Then the usual five minute NPR newscast occurs. After the newscast, the show generally spends from 30 minutes to the entire show discussing the main topic. If discussion on that topic peters out, or if the guests have to leave, then shorter news interviews similar to those found on the NPR newsmagazines of five to ten minutes air. Sometimes these shorter segments take calls, but often they do not. More controversial issues may have guests and take calls the entire hour.

One hour's topics do not carry into the next hour. This is because many stations carry only one hour of the program. In addition, the host will announce "This is Talk of the Nation from NPR News" as a cue to stations that wish to cutaway to local programming before the scheduled break.

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