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Top Ten Songs on Channel 16 Last Week:

1. Out On The TilesLed Zeppelin
1. One Of My TurnsPink Floyd
1. Mr. Blue SkyElectric Light Orchestra
1. It's All Over Now, BabBob Dylan
1. Call Me The BreezeJ.J. Cale
1. On The BorderThe Eagles
1. Here Comes My GTom Petty & The
1. Love AliveHeart
1. Turn To StoneElectric Light Orchestra
1. Traveling Riverside BluesLed Zeppelin

Top Ten Artists on Channel 16 Last Week:

1. Rolling Stones
1. Pink Floyd
1. Bob Dylan
1. Bob Dylan
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Rolling Stones
2. The Rolling Stones
2. The Doors
2. Led Zeppelin
2. Bruce Springsteen

Programs scheduled on this channel:

Bill Fitzhugh's All Hand Mixed Vinyl
Bill Fitzhugh's All Hand-Mixed Vinyl
Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour
Dan Neer
Deep Tracks Undercover
Deep Tracks Undercover (00:00-01:00)
Earle Bailey
For Headphones Only
Pam Merly
Pat St. John
The Blacklight Room
Tom Petty's Buried Treasure

Weekly Schedule for Channel 16
Editable Weekly Schedule for Channel 16
Recent Songs on Channel 16

Weekly Top 40 Artists and Songs Chart for Channel 16

Daily Depth and Breadth:

Weekly Depth and Breadth: