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World Soccer Daily

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(The Nations Premier Daily Soccer Show)
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The original radio hooligans, Steven Cohen and Nick Geber have been terroririzing the airwaves of America since 2002! Lifelong fans of the game, they are responsible for bringing the passion for the world game to an American audience. World Soccer Daily is the Nations premier daily prime time radio show devoted to the worlds' most popular game.

First hitting the airwaves on Fox Sports Radio in Los Angeles, World Soccer Weekly - now World Soccer Daily, has fast become the nations most talked about and respected soccer show. Featuring the biggest names in the game worldwide, World Soccer Daily is now heard nationwide in syndication via Sirius Satellite Radio. Nick and Steven can also been seen on TV as they host "Fox Football Friday" live every Friday 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT on the Fox Soccer Channel.

World Soccer Daily can be heard Monday through Friday from 1 PM - 3 PM ET (10AM- 12 PM PT) throughout the year.

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